Open Day – Easter Monday April 18th 2022

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Interclub Matchplay News 2022

A full list of all the Mens Interclub fixtures can be found at

with the Ladies Interclub fixtures at

Here is a quick summary of the upcoming fixtures.


All Ireland Fourball

         Eligibility rules :     Minimum age 30.    Lowest Individual h/cap 14.5, Minimum combined h/cap 34

        Team Manager :   Gareth Davies 087 – 2375763

        Results: Round 1 – Bearna 3 Galway 2                 Round 2 – Bearna 3.5  Gort 1.5

                      Round 3 – Bearna 3.5   Galway Bay 1.5

        Next Match : versus Connemara Isles (Home match) to be played by June 11th  


Minor Cup 

         Team Manager :  Nuala Timoney      

         Next Match : versus Glenlo Abbey to be played on Saturday May 28th

Challenge Cup

           Team Manager :  Michelle Keenan

           Next Match : versus Gort (Away) to be played by Sunday June 12th

Revive Active Fourball

         Team Manager :  Mary Farrell      087 – 2070947

         Latest Results:    Round 1 – Bearna 3      Connemara 2     

                                    Round 2 –  Bearna 3.5      Galway Bay 1.5 – match played on May 20th

         Next Match : versus Galway – to be played by Thursday June 30th

Golf Ireland Handicapping changes from 31st March 2022

As has been previously communicated to all members of Golf Ireland via email, here is a short summary of the golfers responsibilities in relation to the non-return of scores and the inclusion of your verified handicap index on your scorecard.

Non-Return of completed scorecards.

From 31st March 2022 an automated process will be put in place to apply an automatic penalty score if a score is pre-registered but not submitted. This rule applies to both General Play and official Competitions.

The player is now totally responsible for submitting their score once it has been pre-registered.
If they fail to do so without providing the committee with a valid reason, an automated penalty score will be applied.

Mandatory Handicap on Scorecards.

From 31st March 2022, Golf Ireland requires that the player’s Handicap Index is verified before playing and is the required handicap on a scorecard.

Ukrainian Fundraiser

At the recent drive-in we ran a raffle to support the GOAL Ukrainian Emergency appeal.

In total we raised €1270 on the day. Padraig Harrington has generously matched all the money raised with a contribution of his own. See the attached tweets from Padraig and the reply from Captain Terry acknowleging the Bearna contribution to this worthy cause.

At The Golf Club This Week

This Week’s Competitions


18 Hole Stableford – GOY

Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2022

Sponsored by Western Lighting


18 Hole Stableford – GOY

Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2022

Sponsored by Curran Financial


See Local Rules on the notice boards regarding playing conditions on the day.

Men’s 14 Hole Competitions – points deduction system

For the duration of the winter 14 hole competitions a points deduction system for prize winners will operate. These deductions are not permanent and your full handicap will be restored as you continue to play in the weekly events. The winner of a weekly competition will be deducted 2 points from his next 14 hole competition score and all other winners (eg second or third, fourth etc.) 1 point. As an incentive to prize winners, for each subsequent week that you play in the competitions and do not win a prize, penalties will reduced by 1 point until all penalties are rescinded. These are not official handicap deductions and only apply to the 14 hole winter competitions in Bearna Golf Club.

Starting on November 12th 2021 the following score adjustments are in force.


Open Day Fixtures 2022

Bearna Golf Club Open Days Fixtures and Results – 2022

April 18th

1st Padraic Kelly (28) 41pts (Connemara Isles) MAVRIK DRIVER

2nd Mark White (27) 40 pts MAVRIK HYBRID

3rd Tom Flaherty (14) 39 pts (back 9) WILSON PUTTER

4th Aidan McNamara (13) 39 pts (back 9) GLENMUIR JUMPER

5th Mark McCarthy (10) 39 pts GLENMUIR POLO SHIRT

Best Lady’s Score Bridie McNamara (24) 38 pts GLENMUIR JUMPER

6th David Walsh (10) 38 pts GOLF LESSON VOUCHER (with Geoff Kelly)

7th Peter Keenan (20) 38 pts DOZEN SEED GOLF BALLS

8th Michael Keane (17) 37 pts (back 9) GORSE BAR & RESTAURANT VOUCHER

Longest Drive
Ladies Tara Cunningham PROSHOP VOUCHER
Men    David Cunningham (Galway) PROSHOP VOUCHER

Nearest the Pin
Ladies Yvonne Flaherty PROSHOP VOUCHER

May 2nd

June 6th

July 26th

July 29th

August 1st 

Spring League 2022 – Final Results

The Spring League kicked off on Sunday February 6th

Links to Teams, Rules and Leaderboard information are attached below