Spring League 2022 – Final Results

The Spring League kicked off on Sunday February 6th

Links to Teams, Rules and Leaderboard information are attached below




Hazel and Tanya fundraising presentation

Presentation of fundraising cheque to Professor Sean Dineen on behalf of Bearna Members.

Present were : Tim Tarpey, Siobhan Hunt, Professor Sean Dineen, Niamh Lyddy-Collins and Mike Gavin

Ladies Captains Prize 2021

Siobhán Hunt’s prize

Saturday 21st August 2021


Competition Information.

The main competition will be an 18 Hole Stroke Play Competition, which is
open to all members who hold an official Golf Ireland membership.
Please note to be eligible to win first prize you must have played in at
least three 18-hole competitions in Bearna GC under acceptable scoring conditions in the current year.

Click Here for Captains Day Timesheet..


Lady Golfer of the Year Rules

2021 Ladies Golfer of the Year


The points awarded for the Golfer of the Year competition are allocated for the Top 10 net scores in each of the designated competitions.

The events are:

  • All 18 Hole Competitions in Bearna Golf & Country Club held betweenMay 14th 2021 until 19th September 2021 inclusive.

Points will be allocated as follows:

  • 18 Hole Singles Competition (apart from Majors)
    • 1st     12 points
    • 2nd    10 points
    • 3rd       8 points
    • 4th to 10th: 7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 point respectively
  • Major competitions (Lady Captain’s Prize, Captain’s Prize to Ladies, President’s Prize and Directors prize)
    • 5 times the above point structure e.g. 1st place in Lady Captain’s gets 18 points and so on

Please Note – there are no allocated points towards GOY for the winners/runners up of the ladies club singles matchplay.

Each player will have their points from their best 12 events over the year added together

The person with the highest number of points will be deemed to be the winner of Golfer of the Year. The winner will be awarded the GOY prize and will be entitled to park in the Ladies GOY parking space for the 2022 golf season.

In the event of a tie for first place an 18 Hole singles stableford competition will decide the winner.

May 2021