Members Notices

Members Notices

The attention of all members and particularly beginners is drawn to the Rules of Golf – Section 1 regarding Courtesy and Priority on the Course and also Care of the Course. For insurance purposes members are required to register in the club house before commencing play.

Remember the three “R’s”; Replace Divots, Rake Bunkers and Repair Pitch marks.

No practising is allowed onto the greens. A person playing on his own may only play two balls.

All Competitions must start on the 1st Tee unless otherwise stated by the Committee.

Slow Play

Slow play spoils the enjoyment of other players. Please play at a rate/pace that will hold your place on the course and, if necessary, remind those playing with you to do the same. If you are holding up the players behind, you must speed up or allow them to play through.


Players whose names are on the ‘Timesheet’ have absolute right of way on the 1st Tee.

Junior/Student Members.

The policy for student members can be viewed in the club-house. Junior/Student members who are also members of the Mens/Ladies Clubs are not eligible to win the Captain’s or Lady Captain’s Prize, the Captain’s to Ladies Prize and the Lady Captain to Men’s Prize, President’s or Masters Prizes.

Standard of Dress

Neat dress is essential both on the course and in the Clubhouse.


Recipients of prizes that do not make provision to collect their prize on the Presentation night will forfeit the prize.

Captain’s, President’s Prizes

The winner of the first, second, third or the gross prize in either the Captains or Presidents
prizes must have played at least four 18 Hole Bearna GC Men’s club competitions in
acceptable scoring conditions in the current year.
• The following categories of members are NOT entitled to receive first, second, third or the
gross prizes in Major competitions (Presidents prize, Captains prize, Ladies Captains prize to
Men and the Directors prize.

Juniors, Students, County members and Away members of less than three years duration
Ancillary members

See the notice board for detailed conditions of competitions.