Golf Ireland Handicapping changes from 31st March 2022

As has been previously communicated to all members of Golf Ireland via email, here is a short summary of the golfers responsibilities in relation to the non-return of scores and the inclusion of your verified handicap index on your scorecard.

Non-Return of completed scorecards.

From 31st March 2022 an automated process will be put in place to apply an automatic penalty score if a score is pre-registered but not submitted. This rule applies to both General Play and official Competitions.

The player is now totally responsible for submitting their score once it has been pre-registered.
If they fail to do so without providing the committee with a valid reason, an automated penalty score will be applied.

Mandatory Handicap on Scorecards.

From 31st March 2022, Golf Ireland requires that the player’s Handicap Index is verified before playing and is the required handicap on a scorecard.

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