During play of the new 4th and 5th holes when is a ball out of bounds?

There are white stakes indicating out of bounds between the two new holes, with a line drawn between the stakes.   If there is a possibility that your ball is out of bounds during the play of the 4th or 5th holes play a provisional ball.   You must say ‘I am playing a provisional ball’ otherwise a second ball played becomes the ball in play under penalty of one stroke.   The out of bounds line itself is out of bounds so that a ball coming to rest on the line is out of bounds.   However if any part of the ball is in bounds then the ball is in bounds.   So if you are playing the 4th and your ball is touching the out of bounds line it is still in bounds if any part of it touches the ground on the 4th hole.  You can stand out of bounds to play a ball that is in bounds.   If all of the ball is on the out of bounds line or on the line and partly on the 5th hole then it is out of bounds.   Your only option in this situation is to play another ball from where you last played under penalty of stroke and distance, Rule 27-1.   If you have played a provisional ball then once you have established that your first ball is out of bounds the provisional ball becomes the ball in play under penalty of one stroke.   You will have saved you and all the players in your group a lot of time by playing a provisional ball.   The situation is exactly the same when playing the 5th hole regarding whether or not your ball has gone out of bounds towards the 4th.

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