Winter Rules 2021/2022

Winter rules allow us to keep playing during the worst of the weather and help protect the course. As long as competitions are not counting for handicap purposes we are able to have placing within 6 inches in the rough as well as on the fairway in the general area of the course. The general area excludes all the penalty areas so if your ball is in a penalty area you cannot place it so either play the ball as it lies or take penalty relief and this includes a ball that is plugged in grass inside the red and yellow stakes. If a ball is driven into the ground after a stroke and the ball was never airborne, the placing rule allows you to dig it out and replace it within 6 inches without penalty but only during the winter rules period!

A separate winter local rule allows you to lift a ball in a bunker and rake the spot if it has not already been raked. Always mark the position of the ball before you lift it.

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