Why did Rory get a 2 stroke penalty in Pebble Beach for an incorrect drop?

SInce the most recent revision of the Rules of Golf in 2023, when taking back on the line penalty relief you must now drop the ball back ON the imaginary line from where your ball was at rest and the hole. Once dropped, the ball is in play as long as it stays within one clublength of the spot on the ground on this line in any direction, including within one clublength nearer the hole. The spot where the ball is dropped creates the relief area which now is circular in shape. See the video explaining this rule in the Rules of Golf App – click on Learn at the bottom of the main page and then on Unplayable Ball where all the options under the rule are described. This is the correct way to drop any time you take back on the line penalty relief. Rory dropped the ball a clublength away from the imaginary line and was penalised two strokes for playing from a wrong place.

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