Match Play Rules…..

The Match Play season is in full swing be it our own club match play competitions or inter-clubs matches that you are involved in.   Be aware that in some cases the Rules of Golf for match play (MP) are not the same as the rules for stroke play/Stableford (SP) that we play week in week out.   This is why when you read a rule it always gives the penalty for both forms of play.   Anything that is a one stroke penalty in stroke play is also only a one stroke penalty in match play, for example the penalty for accidentally moving your ball in play is one stroke and you replace the ball in both MP and SP, Rule 18-2.   Never concede a hole unless you are certain that the penalty is loss of hole and if a situation arises in which you cannot agree with your opponent how correctly to proceed then make a claim during the play of the hole in question and continue with the match.   The procedure is outlined in Rule 2-5.   You may than get a ruling before the end of the match from the Committee, the ILGU or the GUI as appropriate.   Remember a concession cannot be refused or withdrawn and unless you are making a claim settle any issue before you tee off at the next tee.   You cannot play a match and a stroke play competition at the same time and you must play a match over the number of holes stipulated by the Committee – you cannot decide for yourself to settle a match over 9 holes when the stipulated round is 18.   I have attached the main differences in both forms of play below.   Above all enjoy your matches and play them in the spirit of the game!

Differences between Match Play and Stroke Play


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