Scorecard essentials

Players and their markers bear the responsibility for recording their scores in golf and there are a few key things to remember to avoid a costly scorecard Rules breach.  You must record your correct handicap on the scorecard and this is solely your responsibility as the player. If you fail to record your handicap or play off one higher than that to which you are entitled and it affects the number of shots received you will be disqualified from the handicap competition. Your score will still stand for a gross prize.  You must record your gross score for each hole on the card.  While you may be asked to add scores, allocate Stableford points or record your net score you cannot be penalised for not doing so or getting the maths wrong!

If you sign for a score lower than that taken you are disqualified and if for a score higher than taken then that score stands.  Contrary to what many believe you do not need to initial corrections just make sure that what is written down is clear.  If computer scoring is in operation it is what is on the physical card that is all important rather than what might be input in error into the computer.  You must sign your card and have your marker (or markers if more than one) sign it once you have checked it carefully and return it as soon as possible to the Committee.  Once a card is returned no alterations can be made to it so always ensure that you and your fellow competitor have checked and signed the card, particularly if one of you has a good score!

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