Spring League 2024 – Week 5 Final Results posted

The Spring League Started on Sunday 11th Feb 2024 and runs for 5 weeks.

Best 4 scores per week and best 4 weeks out of 5 count towards the overall team score.

Playing Handicaps: Ladies play off 100% of their nine hole course handicap

Men play off 85% of their nine hole course handicap.

The playing handicap will be shown on the printed label. (We may play holes 10 to 18 some weeks)

You must use the correct 9 hole scorecard when submitting your score.

The Overall number of Bonus points accrued to date for each team will appear under the Week 6 column

The Overall running total for each team = Best 4 out of 5 weekly team scores plus Bonus points accrued over all 5 weeks

Links to Teams, Rules and Leaderboard information are attached below




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